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Frank's Place :: Web-footed since 1987.  Web-enabled since 2000.

So, about me.  Since this site is about me.  The duck.  Accept it.  Just because your little furry cat, Fluffy, doesn't have her own web site isn't my fault.  Perhaps if you were more concerned with her self-esteem and such things, she'd get a web site.  You could try or  I'm sure they're taken (and probably adult sites, the way things are going), but is that my fault?  Exactly. I'm here, I'm fowl, I'm in your ear eyes.  Comments?  Email me, express yourself, and I can ignore you directly.

California Missions Mission: Missions! My quest to visit all 21 Spanish Califoria Missions has begun - and I have an aggressive goal of wrapping it up in 45 days. Follow along!
Oscars 2014 A meander home along Interstate 40 brought me through such fine towns as Paducah, Kentucky and San Jon, New Mexico. Both cute in their own way.
Spoiler team Help! My reality check: there's more films than I have time to watch. If you like films -- and spoiling the ending -- email me about joining my Spoiler team!
Frank's GuestMap It's cooler than a guest book. It's more colorful than a AAA map. It's a Guest Map. Sign if, it you want. Or just look at other people who did and bask in their coolness.
My site is best viewed with a screen size of 1024x768. Yes, I know, some of you have smaller screen sizes... but "best" means no scroll bars -- and I hate scroll bars. (Need help viewing or using the site?) Duck floating on a pond

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