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Burning Man 2006

Black Rock City -- BRC -- centers around the variety of camps and occupants of the city for the week. Again, our late arrival somewhat limited our wanderings around the place, so there less photos than we'd normally do. Next year, promise...

Camps and Campers Camps and Campers Camps and Campers
Um, okay. Being good with a parachute will get you far in building your home away from home at BRC. I have no idea, but I thought it was funny, so here ya go.
Camps and Campers Camps and Campers Camps and Campers
Camp Wicktonville was a pretty simple affair -- the Township's Rescue 71 truck and two tents. Our neighbors with the dome, and a late-comber who tried (without luck) to build a food wrap tent. The Black Rock City Volunteer Fire Department post at 3:00.

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