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Burning Man 2006

The burning of the Man, a wooden edifice of about 30 feet above a second story platform. On Saturday night around 9:30pm, the Man is set on fire after a celebration of people, dance, and fire. This is a central event of the Burning Man experience, and one that draws the majority of the citizens of Black Rock City into the playa and around the Ring of Light.

Burning Man 2006 Burning Man 2006 Burning Man 2006
Approaching the Man, it seems a wee bit shorter than last year, but still impressive. Closer, we see the two sides of Hope and Fear, this year's theme. Nice color scheme, too. Entering the Man's pavilion, looking upward from the northwest entrance.
Burning Man 2006 Burning Man 2006 Burning Man 2006
At night, the pavilion area is bathed in neon and LED area lighting.

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