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Burning Man 2006

The so-called waffle, or Belgium Waffle (as the artist is from Belgium), was on the map as a roughly extending from the 12 o'clock axis. Composed of 2x3" framing boards and nails, walking around inside you couldn't help but wonder what kept it standing -- but don't ponder it too much while standing inside the lofty ceilings (25+ feet up, I'd estimate).

Waffle art structure Waffle art structure Waffle art structure
From a distance, the structure painted in green and blue lights drew me in. The night and day view (bottom row left picture) are two very different things. Looking at the 2x3" boards building the place, it was truly awesome seeing it standing tall.
Waffle art structure Waffle art structure Waffle art structure
In the day, folks wander around, minus the wonder of the light and shadows. Tucked into the structure was a stage and DJ area, and at night music and dancing take place. Not everyone supported the burn of this on Sunday; a few voiced a different use of the materials.

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