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Burning Man 2007

Black Rock City is littered with both theme camps (this year on the four first streets -- Arctic, Boreal, Coral Reef, and Desert, and a few hanging off the main road, Esplanade) -- and with camps not formally registered as such, throughout the rest of the city. (The streets this year extended out to the letter L, an increase of four rings from last year's ending at the letter H.)

Camps at Burning Man Camps at Burning Man Camps at Burning Man
Black Rock's Bookmobile and reading room, along Arctic near 5:30. The 70s/80s are alive and kickin' with a roller rink, complete with black light effects at night. This is one of the several entrances to the kid-friendly camp, Kidsville.
Camps at Burning Man Camps at Burning Man Camps at Burning Man
Gifting is a big thing on the playa, though your gifts don't need to be grand -- a drink of water will do. K-Svert is one of the unofficial radio stations broadcasting on the playa (106.5 FM, if you're looking). Hacienda de la Playa, just sort of hanging out amongst the others.

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