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Burning Man 2007

The group "Dance Dance Immolation" put on a Dance Dance Revolution gig with twist -- if you missed a step more than once or twice, you'd be shot with flames. Real ones, and hot. Given people are clumsy, they were good enough to put them into fire-retardant suits.

Dancing at DDI Dancing at DDI Dancing at DDI
To start the game, suit up, and if you're sober (or claim to be), hit the red but-ton... The beginning is easy, but when the flame effects start launching from the top of the screen... ... it gets a bit harder for the dancers to see the moves.
Dancing at DDI Dancing at DDI Dancing at DDI
Which in turn just causes the game to blast even more flames, until finally... ... they miss so many times that they get a blast or three right in their faces. 'Course, that was so much fun to see that I have to share another picture of the facial blast.

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