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Burning Man 2007

Crude Awakenings consists of a tall, revered oil derrick, maybe 100 feet tall or so (complete with observation platform), and nine 30 foot tall figures approaching it in homage. This art installation was rescheduled from a Friday 9:45pm and ended up burning at 12:30am Sunday morning (following the burning of the Man at 9pm Saturday).

Crude Awakenings Crude Awakenings Crude Awakenings
As the derrick stood, with the nine 30' tall figures praising the all-mighty oil [platform]. After a sky filled with smoke an a five-minute long air-raid siren blast, the fireworks began. More fireworks...
Crude Awakenings Crude Awakenings Crude Awakenings
Yet more fireworks... ... and fireworks even still, which gave way to the platform's fireworks. A bit hard to see, but the four legs of the oil derrick were done in red, white, and blue, like the U.S. flag.

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