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Burning Man 2007

Lamplighters has been lighting Black Rock City with kerosene lanterns since 1993, "employing" a crew of about 100 people a night to distribute over a thousand lit kerosene lanterns to steeples throughout BRC. On account of my size, we tend to do lighting of Center Camp -- less walking. (And yes, being a team of one, some photos were of me doing it, others from when I took pictures of it -- the dust storm snitches off which day is which, really.)

Lamplighting at BRC Lamplighting at BRC Lamplighting at BRC
Part of the assembly line; here is the filing of kerosene and lighting the wicks (toward the back). Once lit, the lanterns are assembled in rows of 12, to be loaded onto the wooden yokes. The team is dressed in lamplighter robes, with a note to have dust masks and goggles in place.
Lamplighting at BRC Lamplighting at BRC Lamplighting at BRC
The yokes are being prepared for the lanterns, which are then loaded onto the Carriers' backs. The Lamplighters emerge from the temple to assemble around the cauldron before lighting the city. At the cauldron, an invocation is recited before the Lamplighters are dismissed to illuminate BRC.

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