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Burning Man 2005

The burning of the Man, a wooden edifice of about 40 feet perched on the top of a third story maze (this year was "Green Man", so he was -- briefly -- illuminated by neon green light this year. Very early Monday night - Tuesday morning, some idiot decided it would be funny to prematurely burn the Man (right about the time of the lunar eclipse, it seems). He's in custody, and I'd imagine charged with arson on federal property... no small dead in court, certainly.

From the time the flames were out, Department of Public Works started to rebuild the man for the official burn on Saturday, dubbing the first man "Cajun Man," and taking a piece of the first man and placing it on the head of the Man, cut out in the shape of a Phoenix (wanna see it?).

The Man on Monday The arson-burned Man on Tuesday The burnt Man is removed for replacement
As the Man looked on Monday, pre-arson, and before the Pavillion opened to the community. By Tuesday afternoon, enough effort had gone into it to figure it was not structurally sound. Tuesday night, the arson burned Man was gone, and sounds of power saws were common.
The Man, rebuilt Fire crew stands by at the Man Inside the Man's pavillion
By Thursday noon, the Man was once again standing tall over the playa. They weren't taking any changes for another "accident," though; a fire crew stands watch at the Man. Inside the Man's tents were lots of green-friendly displays and ways to tread lightly on the earth.

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