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Burning Man 2007

With a truckload of photos taken (nearly 1,000 this year), and having brought my throw-down lappy computer this year, it was easier to organize photos as they occurred, but there is always stuff that either doesn't fit into another bucket... or I juts don't know what the heck it is. So here you go, in no particular order and in no particular style: Random Stuff 2007.

Rand Rand Rand
Note to all: When they say keep your Jell-O refrigerated, they're not kidding... so I used a straw. Ah, memories... how long has it been since that song came out now? When Tubby and I went out, we went in his fire-truck theme bike; I got the rear basket, of course...
Rand Rand Rand
At night, the red warning lights flashed alternately, though they all show as "on" in this photo. The teeny solar panel charges up the lawn-mower 12 volt battery I used to power my laptop.f The sunlight breaks through during a lull in the Thursday afternoon dust storms.

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