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It was sheer coincidence that I already had a green St. Patrick's Day hat, I assure you. But when the day of the green hit and there was a festival on the green (at a city park not too horribly far from me), I figured I had to go.

Lots of dancing throughout the festival all weekend, virtually all traditional Irish dances. What they lacked in having a coordinated routine, they made up for in enthusiasm. Dang, now if I'd only brought my horse, I could have had her shod.
I don't know what impact the Titanic sinking had on the Irish, but I guess it was noteworthy. Okay, this is a pretty weak stretch, but I do love the pink luncheon meat, so it was okay. Now really... Polish sausage at a St. Patrick's Day event? That's going just *too* far...!
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