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I like Christmas more than Tubby by far, yet, I'm left at home.  Fortunately, a family acquainted with the bald wonder's mum took me in for the day. 

We were off to a bad start when I was mistaken for a toy. I mean, anyone can see the difference.

Andy showed me a couple of web sites that looked a bit adult, but at 28.8Kbps, it's hard to say. I then tried hanging out with Cameron, but the Godzilla-like destruction didn't suit me well.
So, I gave Carson a shot.  Not yet verbal, but a darn good buddy... and hardly any drooling. Maggie suggested a game of Duck Hunt, but for some reason, I couldn't quite get into it... ... sensing this, she suggested we just do a puzzle instead.  I like this girl - she's clever AND cute.
At last, dinner!  I didn't care for ham, but they were good enough to bring in a meal to my liking. And what's a holiday dinner without after-dinner See's?  Exactly.  I rather like the chews. I offered to help Maggie with the dishes.  If only she were old enough to date me (sigh)...

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