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Oy! It's been quite a week...
Well, here's the story, morning glory. Last week, I hung out in the other Hollywood -- in Florida -- and got home Friday the 4th, only to find I couldn't get into the web site to post anything. Nada. Nothing. I log an email support request, and another on Monday the 7th. Nothing. Sadness. I call, and told there's a problem, and the administrators will need to fix it; great, I thought. Then, today, nothing more. When I called again, I was told that while the web site isn't out of space (we're using about 500 MB of 1 GB of allowed space), we have too many files... they only allow 20,000 files for a web site. Curious, I thought... no one mentioned that when I signed up. I was assured the maximum is the maximum, but I was free to switch to their other hosting company (which is three times more in cost per month). Needless to say, I am a sad panda (strike that, duck). But I'm working through my sadness to find another hosting provider...
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Happy Birthday to me!
Yessir kids, today... well, yesterday now (Sunday the 27th) was my 18th birthday. I'm legal now, can vote, travel, buy certain firearms and ammunition, sign contracts, and... yup, move out. I don' t need to keep Tubby around unless I want to. And at the moment, moving out is looking pretty good. But first things first. Naturally, I had a party, and I'm going to celebrate my birthday with a trip to Hollywood (Florida) for a week. When I get back, I'll pick up the search for a new place to live, unless Tubby can convince me why I should stay.
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Silence here, and nothing more...
If you're a regular of the site, yes, you're right -- it has been a bit quiet over the last few months. I've been working on two projects, which are both nearly complete (or at least as complete as I can do them without folks outside of my little circle of humans). Of course, I'll make you wait to hear about them both, but the good news is I'll be doing a bit more traveling and posting of stuff now that the bulk of the projects are behind me. :D
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Not a Valentine's Day review
Well, Valentine's Day has come and gone, and I didn't get squat. And since I didn't expect anything, nor do I have a have a girlfriend (hint hint, chicks -- available, nudge nudge), that worked out. In other news, Tubby got himself a flat tire in the rain*. Not exactly long-stem roses or a box of thigh-enhancing chocolate, but it's something he doesn't get everyday. And we went shopping, and afterwards, I let him setup a VLAN (yes, someone explained it to him, twice, after resorting to crayons and a doodle pad) on the network at the nest. Not surprisingly, none of my computers are on the 'net today... gee, wonder how THAT happened... :\
* Okay, to clarify. It was a reasonably fast leak, but not critical to driving forward. First noticed after Tubby didn't talk to the brunette at the sandwich place, where he didn't hear about her working two jobs, having a near 4.0 Grade Point Average and didn't note her having a boyfriend. But the tire was dead flat at 6:30am this morning.
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In case you were worried
Yes, Tubby finally finished his nerdy-ness (or nerdiness?) of playing with servers and network junk. Mostly. He apparently doesn't know how to set up a VLAN, or what the advantage is, so he has to find a friend who's smarter than he is about such things. (And finding someone smarter than he is like shooting fish in a barrel, but finding someone who'd claim him as a friend is a much slipperier a slope.) As for me... honestly, not much new going on here. Watching movies, writing a movie of my own, and maybe I can get on up out of here and move to Hollywood. Yeah, baby!
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(yawn) What the...?!?
Yup, it's a bit after 3am, and I fell out of the nest all parched, so I was going to head over to the soda machine (don't ask, but the caffeine doesn't affect me). Lo and behold, much like Santa (well, he's got the tummy), I find Tubby all nestled up with installation CDs, network cabling, and a new network switch (well, new to him, it's an HP ProCurve 4000M, which isn't exactly cutting edge today)... and he's sorta snoozing. I was torn between shutting down the computers and the lights, just the lights, or putting his hand in a bowl of warm water. Decisions, decisions...
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February already?!?
Hurrah! Only 26 more days until my birthday... I'll be 18, at last. I get to vote, risk being sued, engage sign contracts, purchase of firearms, and all of the other perils and benefits that come with it. There are rumors of fun activities associated with the event -- all independent of the Academy Awards (the Oscars) that are also so rudely trying to elbow into my special day. Just 26 days...
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