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What good is information and junk on a web site if you can't find it? I feel the same way, buddy. So, I now have two different ways for you to find stuff (or three ways, if you count blindly clicking links). Yea!

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(Last updated 5 June, 2009 )

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Trips and Travels
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World Traveler
  U.S. Tour 2002-200? (Visit all 49 states)
      United States Travels Map
      Remember the Alamo Tour
      Lewis & Clark Expedition
      Northern Lights Tour
      Central America Tour
      Don't Tread on Me Tour
      Pacific Paradise Tour someday, I hope)
   International Tours
      Manila, Philippines (2002)
      New South Wales, Australia (2002)
      Italy (2004)
      Austraia and New Zealand (2004)
      Western Canada (2004)
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