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Now, answer honestly -- who doesn't love to travel over 8,000 miles on a long as heck flight, to see koalas, in Australia, at the zoo? Well, I for one, love it. So off I went. (If you'd like to see more, but are stuck at home, just check out the zoo's web site instead.)

Getting off the ferry, we're told right off the bat that we're in the right place -- hurray! This isn't a good sign... if people don't know how to use the lift ("elevator"), this could get weird. Ooh, a bear. How very rare to see in a zoo.
Okay, this is more like it. It's a dingo. Fortunately, I don't have a baby for it to steal. Tended by the lovely Megan Lewis were the koalas, whom we could visit for $2 ($1 US) per person. Giraffes. Look at the size of his... neck.

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