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A visit to Queensland wouldn't be complete without a trip to Australia Zoo. (Of course, reading the pamphlets, a trip to Queensland wouldn't be complete without LOTS of things, but we had to be choosy... and I think wombats are kinda cute.)

Well, as signs go, it's not bad, but I've got plenty of *really* pictures to share from this outing. The Fierce Snake is the most venomous snake; Australia has 19 of the 23 world's venomous ones. Elephant feeding time; I didn't get to do it on account of possibly scaring these giant creatures, tho.
The something-otter, which lives mostly on land, but can swim quite well. They're also quite cute. An American variety alligator. There were eight pens, seven filled; they just sit around, mostly. There were two pens of giant tortoises. Speedy here was the most photogenic.

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