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The journeys brought me to and through Lucerne, Switzerland, seated along the shore of Lake Lucerne and with nifty views of Mount Pilatus and Rigi (of Swiss Alps fame). The Chapel Bridge is once of its most famous landmarks, though it's been a favorite of tourists at least since they won their independence from Habsburgs rule in the late 14th century.

Lucerne, Switzerland Lucerne, Switzerland Lucerne, Switzerland
Water, sky, and really European-looking buildings along the Reuss River make for a rather picturesque setting, don't you think? And yes, the pointy mountain in the right photo is part of the Swiss Alps. The Chapel Bridge (built 1333) still reaches out across the Reuss River amongst the towers.
Lucerne, Switzerland Lucerne, Switzerland Lucerne, Switzerland
When in Rome, no; when in the calm neutrality of Switzerland, arm thy self. Exiting Migros with some snacks, I happen upon this sight; how could I not take a photo?!? After a long day of seeing the city, I crash at the Backpackers Hostel here in Lucerne.

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