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After a mere 15 hours from touching down in Frankfurt, we were perched in a bus at 5:45am for our trip down the Rhine River. We stopped at Reichenstein, a castle perched along the path, for a look-see in, out and around. Originally built in the 11th century, it was destroyed in 1253, rebuilt in 1282, fell into decay in the 16th century, and reconstructed beginning in 1834, which faltered until it got a jump start right around 1899.

Rhine River Rhine River Rhine River
While my inner cynic would think otherwise, I guess the locals don't farm like this just for nice photos. Very castle-y, though I regret the the manner of our approach didn't allow for a full photo of the place. It's home to 1,200 or so hunting trophies from around the world; this is just five of them.
Rhine River Rhine River Rhine River
Heck, it's a castle, so you're going to have a few of these old suits laying around, I figure. I suspect those fancy electric lights aren't original, but didn't dare ask. Now *that* is what I call a castle-y outlook on the peasants who live under you...

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