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State Flag

 "Grand Canyon State"  
Motto:  Ditat Deus (God Enriches)

"Impressive hole-in-the-ground state."  - Frank

Sign at State Line

Bellemont - A small town, certainly, but not without charm or a water tower. (Aug. '03)

Benson - One of those towns that continues to thrive despite all explanation. (Feb. '04)

Biosphere 2 - If you've got the time, and $19.95 (adults), a nifty place. But we didn't pay to see it. (Feb. '04)

Chandler - The welcome sign was nice, but things sort went vanilla from there, much to my chagrin. (May '03)

Cottonwood - You can tour the old jail and see the old police station. They banned crime decades ago. (Aug. '03)

Dinnehotso (within the Navajo Nation boundaries) - Dusty, wide dirt road, but a nice big antenna. (Mar. '03)

Flagstaff - One of the biggest cities in this part of Arizona, but you wouldn't guess from this. :) (Aug. '03)

Four Corners (within Navajo Nation) - The only place in the United States common to four states. But hey there, fry bread, Arlene! (Mar. '03)

Grand Canyon (2002) and Grand Canyon (2003) - A big ol' gaping hole in northern Arizona.  They're blaming glaciers for this one, apparently.  (Mar. '02, Aug. '03)

Gray Mountain - Most well-known for their Nothing, there is still a little something in Gray Mountain. (Aug. '03)

Kayenta (part of Navajo Nation) - One of the larger communities we encountered, and it could claim its fame as having the only kidney dialysis clinic we saw during our trip. (Mar. '03)

Lake Havasu City - The home of London Bridge. And here you thought it would be in London, huh. (Mar. '03)

Mesa - One of the few cities around the area I found with a bounty of trees. I like trees. Trees good, fire bad. (May '03)

Meteor Crater - Formed millions of years ago when a meteor slammed into the Arizona desert, there's now an impressive hole in the ground.  (Mar. '02)

Mexican Water (part of Navajo Nation) - Just one of the many wide spots in the road we encountered while puttering through Navajo Nation. (Mar. '03)

Phoenix - The state's largest city and all sorts of other goodies. (May '03)

Pinewood - Just one of those town snuggled into a clearing within the forest. (Aug. '03)

Quartzsite - It's apparently a well-known place in RV circles. But I don't get caught up in those. (May '03)

Scottsdale - Just one of the myriad of cities sandwiched into the greater Phoenix area. But nice welcome sign. (May '03)

Sedona - Sedona had a little bit of everything, but was still neatly wrapped up into a cozy-sized town. (Aug. '03)

St. David - You can't get from Interstate 10 to Tombstone, so we passed through town. (Feb. '04)

Teec Nos Pos (part of Navajo Nation) - It's a good place to turn north to visit Four Corners, but little else that I could see. (Mar. '03)

Tempe - Home of, and sister city to, lots of things. None of which we took the time to see or further look into. (May '03)

Tombstone - The home of lots of historic stuff, like the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. (Feb. '04)

Tucson - It's got a college, a video store with the Virgin Mary painted on it, and A Mountain. (May '03)

Tusayan - There's just something fun about small towns, stagecoaches and helicopters. (Aug. '03)

Williams - Gateway to the Grand Canyon, and all that jazz. (Aug. '03)

Winslow - The home of Theodore, a shy Angela, and where singing on the corner in the Route 66 song is noted. (Mar. '03)

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