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State Flag

 "Beaver State"  
 Motto:  Alis Volat Propiis (She Flies With Her Own Wings)

"More serial killers per capita than Texas." -Frank

Sign at State Line

Albany - Small town, couple of major streets and a kickin' bowling alley on New Year's Eve. (Dec. '03)

Alturas - An investigate report into a primitive practice known as the Great Pit River Duck Race.  (Jul. '01)

Baker - Home of the world's largest thermometer, and gateway to Death Valley.  And that's about it.  (Mar. '02, May '03)

Barstow - One of the cities still alive and kickin' along the historic Route 66.  (Mar. '02, Apr. '03, May '03)

Berkeley and UC Berkeley - Home of the Cal Bears and a Nuclear Free Zone since 1986. (Dec. '03)

Big Oak Flat - A church, accountant and web designer -- they've got a bit of everything (Feb. '08)

Blythe - The first place in California you see when coming from Arizona along I-10. (May '03)

Bonita - In Spanish, "bonita" is beautiful. In California, "Bonita" means small town between Sunnyside and Chula Vista. (Aug. '03)

Boron - Not a big town, and has very little to do with the element boron (sign). (May '03)

Calico Ghost Town - More a commercial tourist trap than a solid historic place, but nice if you're into that sort of thing. (May '03)

California City - Nestled amongst the desert and at least 10 mines from anything is this nice little town. (May '03)

Cambria - A quiet little town, sweeping views and a simple story. (Sep. '08)

Capay - Just a teeny little town along Highway 16, west of Woodland. (Aug. '04)

Carlsbad - The home of lots of stuff, but I didn't see anything... just Legoland, which is why I went there. (Dec. '03)

Casa de Oso - An unincorporated little town, but a home to a very nice Catholic church. (Aug. '03)

Castroville - The self-proclaimed Artichoke Capital of the World. Go figure. (Nov. '03)

Catalina - A lovely outing on Catalina island, floating out there in the greater Los Angeles area.  (Nov. '01)

Cayucos - A quaint town dotting the Pacific Ocean and whose history is long and largely uneventful. (Sep. '08)

Chester - 2,000 people, home of the Chester Manor Motel, and near Lassen National Park -- yea! (May '04)

Chinese Camp - A Gold Rush-era town that has thus far refused to close down (Feb. '08)

Chiriaco Summit - Founded by a handful of folks, including the Chiriaco family, but very little else besides the Gen. Patton museum. (May '03)

Chula Vista - To boldly plant palm trees in the face of popular convention, and create the Third Street shopping area: Chula Vista. (Aug. '03)

Clear Creek - A cute little town nestled amongst the trees in the southwestern part of Lassen County. (May '04)

Copperopolis - Just one of the myriad of little towns sprinkled in the state's Gold Country.  (May '09)

Corning - A cute little town, and it even has a city pool.  (May '02)

Coronado - Nestled on the peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and the Coronado Bay sits this lovely little town. (Aug. '03)

Coulterville - Rustic downtown, quiet trailer home park, some neat old-looking buildings (Feb. '08)

Death Valley Junction - It is in this town you turn west from Highway 127 to Highway 190 to reach the park. They also have a place that sells sandwiches. (May '03)

Death Valley National Park - It's not just a fun-sounding name, it's a cool place to visit. (May '03)

Desert Center - Not a whole lot here, but with just 125 people, what do you expect? (May '03)

Donner Pass - Not just a summit moment (while in the mountains, anyway), but the site of the famous Donner Party(May '02)

Disneyland and California Adventure - A visit to a Southern California namesake, and its newly opened neighbor (Mar. '01)

Dublin - A small town feel and an obsession with Ireland for some reason. (Mar. '05)

El Cajon - Here's your change to think of your own short caption for El Cajon. Go on, start thinking. (Aug. '03)

Escalon - Not a big town, but not a tiny one, either. (Nov. '03)

Esparto - The home a clever, if not previously used, ploy to reduce speeding through town. (Aug. '04)

Farmington - Quite literally a teeny town on the crossroads of a small highway and a large roadway. (May '09)

Hamilton Branch - A teeny town with a grand view of Mt. Lassen. (May '04)

Harmony - Population 18, and still kicking. (Sep. '08)

Hearst Castle (er, State Park) - The homestead of publishing mogul William Randolph Hearst. (Sep. '08)

Hollywood - The home of movies, stars, and, at least the day we were there, fog.  (Nov. '02)

Imperial Beach - As you can guess, it's a beach town, a mere five miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. Bien! (Aug. '03)

Indian Casino - It's neither the quality nor the pay-outs of Reno or Las Vegas, but I went anyway. (Aug. '04)

Jamestown - Okay, so no one WANTS to go to Jamestown, yet, here we were. (Nov. '03)

La Grange - A nice little town, complete with midget water towers (Feb. '08)

La Mesa - Public transportation system and a fire house. This SimCity like place is coming along nicely... (Aug. '03)

Livermore - A couple dozen wineries in and around the city, if you're into that sort of thing. (Mar. '05)

Magic Mountain - In Valencia along I-5, this was my disappointing theme park experience. (Jul. '04)

Montara - A small little town between here and there along Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway). (May '07)

Mariposa - The last city of substance before you arrive at Yosemite National Park. (Sep. '04)

Moccasin - A teeny town with a large installation of the Hetch Hetchy Water & Power system here (Feb. '08)

Mojave - Birthplace of the Voyager (the 939 pound plane that flew around the world in 1986 without refueling). (May '03)

Monterey - The City by the Bay that isn't San Francisco... (Sep. '03)

Morro Bay - A cute little town perched just inland of a big ol' rock. (Sep. '08)

Mt. Shasta - At 14,162 feet, it's a nice little hill.  Of course, pretty to look at, but no worries about me trying to climb it.  (May '01, May '02)

Mountain House - A curious place, a new town popping up in the Central Valley area. (Oct. '06)

Needles - A particularly warm day in what is apparently a long series of hot days in Needles. (Jul. '06)

Oakdale - Home of the Hershey factory... and other things, too, I guess. (Nov. '03)

Paso Robles - A nice little town of 27,000 people, and the home of Harris Stage Lines. (Sep. '03)

Placerville - Old Hangtown, frought with history and more than a few hangings (duh). (Jan. '04)

Pleasanton - One of those fancy-pants towns, though I didn't quite find their source of pride. (Mar. '05)

Rancho Tehama - A cute little town tucked into the hills, 11 miles west of nowhere. (Dec. '05)

Redding - I'll return and look around more when it ain't so dang hot (90F and very humid.  (May '02)

Riverbank - I didn't actually see a river alongside the town, but that's not to say there isn't one. (Jul. '04)

Sacramento - The state capitol, and current home of newly elected Governor Schwarzenegger. (Jan. '04)

San Diego - America's Finest, according to the police cars. And home of San Diego State University (SDSU). (Aug. '03)

San Diego Wild Animal Park - It's always nice to see animals in their natural habitat while still being completely caged in.  (Nov. '01)

San Dimas - A small city amongst several others in Los Angeles County. (Oct. '06)

San Francisco - It's cold and gray in the summertime, but you save a fortune on air conditioning. (Sep. '03)

San Francisco Cable Car Museum - The only town still with cable cars, the only museum of its kind. (Aug. '05)

San Luis Obispo - 45,000+ people, a major university, and not a single drive-thru fast food place. (Sep. '08)

San Simeon - The former staffing quarters of the Hearst ranch, now just a teeny-tiny little town. (Sep. '08)

Sand City - With a population of just 270 people, you'd think they all live in the expansive shopping area. (Dec. '03)

Santa Barbara - Between the sea and Michael Jackson pre-trail hearings, we found a quaint little city. (Nov. '03)

Santee - Well... I was there, honest. But didn't find too much to make me sit up straight and taken notice. (Aug. '03)

Sausalito - A lovely view of San Francisco from several places. This town is nice too. (Jul. '05)

Seaside - Appropriately named, this place runs along side the Pacific Ocean via the Monterey Bay. (Dec. '03)

Shoshone - Population 100, a public pool, and a cafe that offers something called "internet." (May '03)

Six Flags Magic Mountain - In Valencia along I-5, this was my disappointing theme park experience. (Jul. '04)

Sonora - A historic town from Gold Rush era, still lots of brick buildings 'round these parts. (Nov. '03)

South Lake Tahoe - A great place to ski, view big lakes, or be dangerously close to Nevada. (Jan. '04)

Spring Valley - Just one of them suburbs tucked between other suburbs. (Aug. '03)

Sunol - A teeny town nestled into the hills, somewhat forgotten but still quite cute. (Mar. '05)

Sunnyside - One of those places you find without looking... and where you don't stay long. (Aug. '03)

Susanville - The biggest little town for miles and miles up in Lassen County. (May '04)

Sutter Creek - A rich history is just one of the offerings of this teeny Central California town. (Mar. '06)

Sylmar - Concrete, palm trees and fast food... welcome to Southern California. (May '04)

Tahoe City - Conveniently located alongside Lake Tahoe and a handful of ski resorts. (Jan. '04)

Tecopa - Ever heard of those places that are little more than a wide spot in the road? Here's such a place. (May '03)

Tecopa Hot Springs - A sister city of the wide spot in the road, this one has a resort place (amidst its own wide spot in the road). (May '03)

Tehachapi - Home of 10,000 people and 5,200 state prisoners. (Mar. '03)

Tracy - The town's on the grow -- they just got a drive-thru Starbucks place. (Mar. '05)

Westwood - A small town with big possibilities. (May '04)

Woodland - This town is touted as historic, but it has an opera house dating to 1895, so it can't be all bad.  (May '02)

Yermo - Distinctive for nothing in particular, but lots of evidence of things that used to be thriving in town. (May '03)

Yosemite National Park - It's got lots of granite and millions of visitors annually. Including me. (Sep. '04)

Zamora - I was amused to find the town of 58 people, elevation 52, and that it did actually sprawl nearly two city blocks. (Apr. '04)

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