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Well, at the last minute, and with little warning, I've been made aware of a public spectacle being made of my fellow ducks.  It seems that there is an annual event in Alturas, CA (population 3,200), the Fandango Celebration, that involves the floating of ducks down the river in a race like fashion.  While I could easily endorse such an event where humans and ducks co-mingle in the spirit of harmony, it seems that the ducks are merely pawns in a giant human spectacle.  The story I've been told is that the tall, small-beaked individuals pay $25 per ticket to lease a duck to act as their agent in this race down river. 

Not believing that such atrocities still occur in the 21st century, I began investigating.  And lo and behold, in the Modoc Record (Modoc County, CA newspaper), there is was, in electronic form... I find an article proving that the evil still lurks in the hearts of mankind toward ducks.  But wait, there's a second article about not having water for the races... can't these people have some compassion?!?  Maybe take a duck to dinner (as a guest, not the main course, for once), or to a movie...?  When was the last time you figure ol' Daffy got out and had some buttered popcorn and Junior Mints at the local cinema?

I have directed Baldie to cut work (with his boss' permission of course, as he's too much a coward to just call in for time off for such a socially worthy cause), and we are making the nearly 400 mile journey to witness this event, and if nothing else, take photos, mock my wet-tailed brethren, and if the tides of support turn, overrun the town in a Hitchcock-esque epic that would put The Birds to shame.  But odds are greater that I'm just going to eat cotton candy and get fat and lazy for another weekend from home.

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