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More of the same. But it's a big park, even if there was virtually no water in any of the streams and waterfalls. So yes, we'll be back in the winter, spring, whatever it takes to see waterfalls with falling water.

After a summer of warm weather, Mirror Lake is really little more than a sandy lake bed. The nearby river, though, was quite still, and as a result, quite reflective. Little Hut in the Woods, starring Clint Eastwood as Doc, and Leelee Sobieski as Mabel...
One of the less still rivers, but it had a nice view of Half Dome peeking out of the trees. When not peaking, though, Half Dome dominates its piece of the skyline. Yosemite Falls is fed by snow melt in the high country... but when that's gone, it runs dry.
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