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 "The Centennial State"
Motto: Nil sine Numine (Nothing without Providence)

"Great place to see more snow than I'd ever expect... in May." -Frank

Buffalo Bill's Grave - True to the trend of our trips (lots of "t"s, huh?), it was closed.  (May '02)

Commerce City - The town is apparently known for refineries; the rumors are true. (Oct. '03)

Denver 2002 and Denver 2003 - The state capital and bustling metropolis of Colorado.  (May '02, Oct. '03)

Fort Collins - After 15 minutes of wandering, we still didn't quite find the heart of the town, so we settled.  (May '02)

Four Corners - The only place in the United States common to four states... and it's within the Navajo Nation. But hey there, fry bread, Arlene! (Mar. '03)

Grand Junction - Beyond Denver and surrounding communities, one of those places that can truly be called a "city."  (May '02)

Julesburg - Coming soon (Sep. '03)

Littleton - In the suburbs of Denver, so we had to go see the place which got all the press a few years back.  (May '02)

Vail - The town was about as vast as the sign was predictable... (May '02)

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