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 "Constitution State"  
 Motto:  Qui transtulit sustinet (He who transplanted still sustains)

"The home of LEGO, even if we couldn't find the place." -Frank

Bridgeport - Not my favorite town, honestly. But I was hungry, and couldn't find an eatery. (Oct. '04)

Hartford - The state capital of Connecticut. And owner of another LaFayette statue. (Oct. '04)

Meriden - Not sure why this is called Meriden, given it's not really in the middle of anything. (Oct. '04)

Mystic - Home of some neat stuff to look at, and Mystic Pizza. Mmm, pizza. (Oct. '04)

New Haven - If you're a Yale alumni or student, this place is your home away from home, eh? (Oct. '04)

New London - Lots of great views of the water, the bridge, the lighthouses. Nice. (Oct. '04)

Waterbury - A somewhat small town, yet, we found two hospitals. Go figure. (Oct. '04)

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