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Waterbury is sort of a big little town amongst a sea of trees and a teeny bit of highway connecting it to its neighbors. I also enjoyed the use of LEDs in the rear flashers of the police cars, but that may be too much of an over-share, marking me as a flashing police lightbar dork (suggesting Tubby isn't the only one).

A view from the edge of town. I love any town where the only sky-line is trees and church steeples. It's no sign, but it beats a card-board sign held up by a local transient. I think. The rider-less horse. I can only wonder if Lafayette was riding this at one point.
I support any small businesses that is still open after 35 years. He even sweeps the sidewalk outside. Not the largest city by any means, yet, the home of both Saint Mary's Hospital and Waterbury Hospital. What I couldn't do, though, is decide which one is prettier to look at.

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