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We took a small detour from Maryland to head into Delaware and wander around Dover, the state's capital city. There, we found it wasn't the largest city in the state -- Wilmington claims that honor -- but Dover certainly wasn't without its own charm. Or cute brunettes.

The state capitol building. I sort of expected the huge dome thing, but like this just as well. The site where Delaware became the first state, by being the first to ratify the constitution (12-7-1787). The downtown area, complete with streets that are paved with brick. (I can't say if it's original or not, tho.)
The Delaware Supreme Court. It's not huge, it doesn't have giant columns, but it does the trick. Like Savannah, at least this area has homes built around the "town square" idea. About 10 miles outside of town is this country estate for sale. It's a tempting price of property, too...

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