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Florida Keys

In order to visit Key West, one must traverse the lengthy Florida Keys. Despite it being 160 miles, and Tubby being wholly against the nearly full-day detour, we went anyway. We As we voyaged further west, the numerous cheerleader-run car washes along the way apparently erased whatever doubts he still held in his mind.

Key Largo... the home of most of the aforementioned car-washing cheerleader types. Soon after, we were well within the keys.  Even power poles has their own concrete islands. A look back at the first of what would be miles of really blue water.
The almost accurately named 7 Mile Bridge (it's actually 6.9 miles by my count). My favorite of all of the keys.  (And, if you say it fast, it seems to describe me perfectly!) I had a hard time adjusting to seeing water this clear (and clean?).  Not like at home, nope.

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