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 "The Hawkeye State"
Motto:  "Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain"

"Great place to visit, as long as you don't mind corn." -Frank

Aplington - Only passed through town due to a detour, but still a nice little town.  (Oct. '02)

Bassett - Two blinks, and it went from being in front of us to behind us.  (Oct. '02)

Charles City - Took lots more than two blinks -- they had signals, traffic, the works!  (Oct. '02)

Council Bluffs - Just on the Iowa side of the Nebraska state line.  And there you have it.  (Oct. '02)

Des Moines - Apparently the state capital or something.  Bully for them.  (Oct. '02)

Indianola - The home of Simpson College and the [Hot Air] Balloon Museum. (Oct. '02)

Iowa City - Well, we got in late, left early, but got some pictures of the town in the dark. (Sep. '03)

Iowa Falls - Same as Aplington... passed through by virtue of a detour on the highway.  (Oct. '02)

Le Mars - The ice cream capital of the world.  Apparently... I've never heard of it before now.  (May '02)

Mason City - The pictures didn't come out well, so just settle for the water tower picture.  Sorry.  (Oct. '02)

Rock Valley - Small little town, complete will school buses and little girls... who miss school buses.  (May '02)

Sioux Center - One of several Sioux town... add it to the collection, but a nice sign.  (May '02)

Sioux City - Yup, another Sioux-named towns.  Didn't bother to photograph anything more than the sign.  (May '02)

Waterloo - I'll admit it.  We stopped there only because it was convenient, but the name alone... thoughts of Abba tunes.  (Oct. '02)

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