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 "The Gem State"
Motto:  Esto perpetua (May it Endure Forever)

"Also good for famous potatoes and opals -- golly, yes!" -Frank

Arco - Mostly a place between other places, but a cute little town none the less.  (May '02)

Boise - The state capital of Idaho, and 20 minutes of free parking in front of the capital to boot. (Jun. '03)

Burley - The first place I found McDonald's Fry Sauce, and a track-load of cabooses. (Jun. '03)

Caldwell - Neat water tower, concrete sign, and an oddly shaped building or two along the way. (Jun. '03)

Craters of the Moon - 75 square miles of lava flow from many, many years ago.  And, we had the place to ourselves! (May '02)

Heyburn - Home of Larry's Truck and Car Wash, although they're not open for business. (Jun. '03)

Idaho Falls - Home of the boy's grandparents farm, and the Grand Teton Mall (which now sits on the site of that very farm.  (May '02)

Shoshone - The town that celebrates the union of Highway 75 and Highway 26 within its town limits.  (May '02)

Twin Falls - Not just a place to spend the night, but also one to see the gorge carved into the landscape by the Snake River.  (May '02)

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