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 "The Prairie State"
Motto: "State sovereignty, national union"

"More road work found here than any other place." -Frank

Aurora - We went just to say we've been... home of Wayne of Wayne's World fame.  (Oct. '02)

Bloomington - A nice place to look at churches and graveyards.  (Oct. '02)

Chicago - It was rush hour, and chrome dome was cranky, so we'll explore the Windy City on a future trip.  (Oct. '02)

Collinsville - Just passing through, but found it to be the home of the world's biggest catsup bottle.  (Oct. '02)

Danville - A good-sized town on this side of the Illinois-Indiana state line.  We just didn't stay long.  (Oct. '02)

Effingham - To be visited in October. (Oct. '03)

La Salle - To be visited in September 2004. (Sep. '04)

Lincoln - Named after 16th president Abe, it sits proud next to Interstate 55.  (Oct. '02)

Normal - To be visited in October. (Oct. '03)

Norway - To be visited in September 2004. (Sep. '04)

Ottawa - More of a stopping place than anything else, but corn right at the back door of the motel.  (Oct. '02)

Springfield - The capital of Illinois, but not the home of the Simpsons.  (Oct. '02)

Zion - We drove around, but aside from the sign, found nothing interesting to take pictures of.  (Oct. '02)

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