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 "The Hoosier State"
Motto: "The Crossroads of America"

"What can I say...?" -Frank

Bristol - Just a teeny little town along County Road 20 in Elkhart County.  (Oct. '02)

Elkhart - The heart of Indiana, according to the sign.  And where the boy's brain apparently broke.  (Oct. '02)

Gary - 76 trombones led the big parade... but now, it's sort of a yucky shell of a town.  (Oct. '02)

Howe - And a teeny little town a few miles from the Michigan state line.  (Oct. '02)

Indianapolis - The capital of Indiana.  I like state capitals.  (Oct. '02)

Jimtown - Now mostly a suburb of Elkhart, but once, its own town.  I think.  (Oct. '02)

LaGrange - Not a bad little town, and a good place to buy wicker furniture.  (Oct. '02)

Pierceton - Another small town, but we saw a cute girl in an Escort (yeah, I know, cute AND in a Ford, golly!).  (Oct. '02)

Rome City - Small town, sure, but it had its own lake, and it was fairly nice to look at.  (Oct. '02)

Shipshewana - Small, but a high output of beauty contest winners.  (Oct. '02)

South Bend - Three days spent near here, but beyond Notre Dame, we didn't wander much.  (Oct. '02)

Terre Haute - A fine town for a protest or to start a new sound on the music scene.  (Oct. '02)

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