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 "Bluegrass State"  
 Motto: United we stand, divided we fall.

"Dangerously close, alphabetically, to K^$*@#, but great otherwise." -Frank

Bowling Green - The home of the Corvette factory. So we went inside, but didn't spring $8 for the tour. (Oct. '02)

Frankfort - State capital of Kentucky, home of the Court of Appeals, and a delightful name for a city. (Oct. '02)

Georgetown College - In Georgetown, Kentucky, not to be confused with Georgetown University in Washington D.C. (Oct. '02)

Lincoln's Birthplace - Tucked neatly several miles from the highway, we found it. (Oct. '02)

Paducah - Nestled in the western sliver of the state sits Paducah, and the home of the National Quilt Museum. (Apr. '14)

Roadside Rest Stop - C'mon, it's a bit off the beaten track for photos, but it's really nice. (Oct. '02)

Shelbyville - Well, this is Springfield's neighbor, but alas, no Springfield. So I didn't stop. (Oct. '02)

Simpsonville - The quest for Springfield goes on, close, but no cigar. (Oct. '02)

Westwood - To be visited in October. (Oct. '03)

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