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Despite the Boston Tea Party being a rockin' event in 1773, the photo was anything but. It seems the place suffered an "unforeseen circumstance", and the place is closed. (The walls appear to be fire-charred.) But the rest of the town, more or less started in 1630, is standing and in good order.

The skyline is all Boston. The glare in the picture is all me -- stupid natural light. The state capitol. Although I would have preferred not to have the hockey banner hanging out front. I even wandered down into Cheers, but no one knew my name... nope, not one of them. Damnit.
The Boston Commons were first set up in 1634... it seems even then, people liked open spaces. Faneuil Hall, which has been both a meeting place since before the Revolution, and as a market. A grave marker in Granary Burying Ground; Ben Franklin, Sam Adams and others are here, too.

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