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 "Pine Tree State State"  
 Motto:  Dirigo (I Lead)

"A particularly pretty state up there next to Canada." -Frank

Augusta - The state capital of Maine, a.k.a. The Home of the Dome. (Oct. '04)

Bangor - A pretty river and a great place to end a New England autumn road trip. (Oct. '04)

Kennebunkport - The home of the 41st President. But the election is next month... (Oct. '04)

Livermore Falls - A quaint town with a quaint water supply, roller skate rink, and cemetery. (Oct. '04)

Portland - You'd be surprised to learn Portland has a port. And land. Maybe not surprised at all. (Oct. '04)

Springfield - Another city that's nothing like The Simpsons' Springfield. (Oct. '04)

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