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In Welsh, "Bangor" means "high choir." In Celtic, "Bangor" means "the white choir." When a court official asked Rev. Noble what his town wanted to be called, Noble blurted out Bangor instead of another name. On February 25, 1791, the name became official, and off-guard Noble didn't correct 'em.

Not at al a bad sign, although having "Center" in there is a bit confusing on the town's name... The steeps leads us in, as all good steeples should... But if that's the case, what does the giant lumberjack attract? Monty Python fans? Beavers?
The river, or "waterfront" as they like to call it, complete with water. Downtown, and at least in this photo, completely free from the ominous church steeple shadows. Geisha tuna? I'm familiar with geisha girls, but this is probably different...

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