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Mostly drawn by the name (there is only one Livermore Falls in the U.S. that I could find), we wandered the 35 miles in from Augusta to give the place a look. A rather nifty little town, I thought.

Pretty. Square. Pretty square. But a sign none the less. Just puttering into town, I happened by a particular orange tree. And here it is. This lovely sight could be a resort area. But it's the town's water supply, so keep out, dudes.
For a smallish town (3,200 folks) it's a really nice fire truck, even with them new LED light bars. The skating rink. Even if you can't read the wall very good, trust -- it's a roller-skating rink. And with all good exits from town, you'll either leave in the car, or in a pine box. But you'll get to leave.

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