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 "The Gopher State" or "The North Star State"
or "Land of 10,000 Lakes" (geez, pick ONE already)
Motto: L'Étoile du Nord (The North Star)

"The indecisive slogan state." -Frank

Austin - The home of many things, but of most interest to me, the SPAM Museum(Oct. '02)

Beardsley - This had been what I thought was the town closes to the state line next to South Dakota.  (May '02)

Blooming Prairie - A nice enough place, but we didn't linger long enough for extended photo opportunities.  (Oct. '02)

Brainerd - Where Margie was from in the movie Fargo, home of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.  (May '02)

Browns Valley - The real answer for the town closest to the state line shared with South Dakota along this route.  (May '02)

Burtrum - Just one of those small towns that we managed to stumble across.  (May '02)

Detroit Lakes - A nice place for a town, a lake, and a Wal-Mart for us to listen to accents during the car's oil change.  (May '02)

Lake Superior - As seen from Duluth, anyway.  (Oct. '02)

Mall of America - Sitting pretty in Bloomington is this huge temple to capitalism.  Yea capitalism!  (Oct. '02)

Morris - One of the seemingly bigger towns along the tour route.  Again, it seemed that way, at least.  (May '02)

St. Paul - The state capital of Minnesota.  Good for them.  (Oct. '02)

Sauk Centre - Why was this town important?  Well, it was along the way.  Beyond that, I've got nothin' to offer.  (May '02)

White Bear Lake - It has its own lake, and it's where they talk of in the movie Fargo. (May '02)

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