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 "The Magnolia State"  
 Motto: Virtute et armis (By valor and arms)

"We got pulled over, but no ticket. Hurray!" -Frank

Biloxi - By virtue or design, Biloxi was the only town we managed to step foot in during our brief passage through Mississippi.  (Mar. '02)

Hattiesburg - The home of Southern Miss university. And other stuff, too, I guess. (Feb. '04)

Jackson - The state capitol of Mississippi, and probably named after a president or something. (Feb. '04)

Laurel - One of those creepy towns that seems to go to sleep on Sundays. (Feb. '04)

McComb - I meant to take more pictures, but sadly, you just get the sign. Sorry. (Feb. '04)

Meridian - As towns go, it has a rather nice couple of lakes, and it's nice and close to Arkansas. (Feb. '04)

Vicksburg - The two bridges as you enter town along Interstate 20 are quite nifty. (Feb. '04)

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