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 "The Treasure State"
Motto: Oro y plata (Gold and silver)

"Big sky country... as much of it is rather flat, I reckon." -Frank

Anaconda - A quirkly little town, and the home of the famed Mount Morningwood.  (Jul. '02)

Billings - The largest city in Montana (90,000 people), but then again, the state's total is only 900,000 people.  (May '02)

Butte - It's fun to ask girls if they're a "beaut' from Butte", but few people get it (sigh). (Jul. '02)

Dillon - I didn't know I was actually in Dillon until days later... creepy, eh?  (Jul. '02)

East Helena - A booming metropolis of 1,441 people.  But it had a city park, complete with wading pool.  (Jul. '02, Nov. '12)

Gardiner - The small town sitting just outside of Yellowstone National Park(May '02)

Helena - The state capital and site of a wedding for some relative or another.  (Jul. '02, Nov. '12)

Lima - A cute little down, complete with the much-needed pay-at-the-pump go-juice for my ride.  (Jul. '02, Nov. '12)

Little Bighorn National Monument - The site of General Custer's famous "last stand." on June 25, 1876.  (May '02)

Livingston - For our purposes, mostly only noteworthy in that we turned here from north SR-89 to east I-90.  (May '02)

Miles City - The town was here, we were here, we took a few pictures.  (May '02)

Opportunity - Why is it you only seem to find opportunity when you're not looking for it?  (Jul. '02)

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