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Lima, Montana

The first community of any substance (translated to mean with a place to stop, buy fuel, and have a wing stretch), it's a cute little town along -- I'm guessing -- a rail stop that since has managed to offer a few things to travelers passing by... and with 227 or so people calling it home, simple is good enough for one and all.

At times, the post office is more than just a great place to mail stuff -- it always offers nice signs, too. *The* towing, repair shop -- but with 227 people, there's... maybe 30 vehicles here? Not as nice as the LDS church across the street, but it definitely has charm.
The school, a nice old brick design (how I really think schools should look, by the by). The next street off the main one is mostly gravel, but has some great older buildings to go with it. The modern trapping on the south side of town is the state-managed rest area. And it was a nice one.

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