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 "The Tar Heel State"  (I don't get it.)
Motto:  Esse quam videri (To be rather than to seem)

"The wacky nickname state... Tar Heel, indeed." -Frank

Burlington - Not quite a railroad or a coat factory, but in fact an entire town.  (Mar '02)

Cape Fear - Well, it wasn't as frightening as the movie by the same name, which also left some disappointment in my mind, to be sure. (Mar '02)

Charlotte - The largest city in the state, over a half million people living there.  Someone claimed there was nothing to see, and refused to stop; thus no pictures (apologies, but believe me, I tried to get tubby to at least slow down from 80 MPH).  (Mar '02)

Fair Bluff - This quaint little town of about 1,100 people, we even slowed down (and stopped, twice!).  Of course, I was driving then.  (Mar '02)

Haw River - Well, we were there because we were lost.  Well, not lost, but not where we thought.  So we took the picture and moved on.  (Mar '02)

High Point - Both the name and its neighboring city cause some worry as to what early settlers were really thinking about.  (Mar '02)

Raleigh - The capital of the state.  What more can be said?  (Mar '02)

Wilmington - A big ol' town and the home of the USS North Carolina.  Can't pass by without stopping there.  (Mar '02)

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