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 "The Peace Garden State"
Motto: Liberty and union, now and forever: one and inseparable

"I like that Roosevelt picture on the sign." -Frank

Bismarck - The state capital, and more of an obstacle in the push to reach the Lewis & Clark Museum before closing time.  (May '02)

Devils Lake - Nothing of the town, but nice sign.  (May '02)

Dickinson - They had a dinosaur museum.  Sort of cool, if you like dinosaurs.  (I'm not really a fan, myself.)  (May '02)

Fargo - It's Fargo.  What more can we say?  (May '02)

Grand Forks - Well, we came, we saw, we slowed down, but the mystique of the place escaped me.  (May '02)

Hazelton - Mostly an accidental find whilst seeking lunch -- we didn't find anything -- but we found this cute town. (Aug. '04)

Home on the Range - The place songs sing of... but I'm not sure why, exactly.  (May '02)

Minot - As near as I can tell, it's known most for blind fowl gambling and an excellent source for purchasing modular housing.   (May '02)

Rugby - The geographic center of the North American continent.  And, they have a Dairy Queen.  (May '02)

Washburn - The home of the Lewis & Clark Interpretative Center (no photos, please).  (May '02)

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