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 "Garden State"  
 Motto:  Liberty and Prosperity

"The name is cute, the place is nice... for the most part." -Frank

Atlantic City - We popped into the (older than) Las Vegas gambling spot on the East Coast. (Oct. '04)

Jersey City - To my surprise, it's (one of) the jumping off point(s) for Ellis Island. (Oct. '04)

Mount Holly - Mt. Holly is one of those super-smaller-like towns with super-big-like appeal. (Oct. '04)

Newark - Sitting opposite the water from Jersey City, Newark lacks a game to fame. (Oct. '04)

Princeton - The home of Princeton (University), and a place without any good pictures taken. (Oct. '04)

Trenton - The state capital of 'Jersey... even if that was a tough city-state combo to memorize. (Oct. '04)

Vineland - A point of reference on my map became a fun place to visit, here in Vineland. (Oct. '04)

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