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Atlantic City is sort of the gambling mecca of the northeast, sort of the Las Vegas of the colonial states, as it were. The casino that Trump built sort of stands out as something big, obnoxious and gaudy for some reason, but I'm sure that's just coincidence.

For a city with piles of money taller than the dunes at the beach, this wasn't a very fancy sign. At the beach, though, you forget the signs. This is the view from near the Taj Mahal casino. This amusement park-pier was much longer until a fire destroyed much of it. It's name? Steel Pier.
The one casino that really stood out from the others, for me, was Taj Mahal, built by and naming Donald Trump all over the place. But that aside, nice building. A boardwalk connects all the casinos. (Local 54 is here and using the "walk" as a strike line.)

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