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"The Land of Enchantment"  
Motto:  Crescit Eundo (It Grows As It Goes)

"Recommended: Love's Gas station in Santa Rosa, along I-40." -Frank

Artesia - Not the world's largest town... and that's really all I've got to say about that.  (Mar. '02)

Aztec - We came for the visit, stayed for the pie. And slowed down to gawk at the UFO Symposium. (Mar. '03)

Billy the Kid's Grave (Ft. Sumner) - Well, the Kid had to enjoy eternal rest somewhere, even it hasn't been completely at peace.  (Mar. '02)

Bloomfield - Home of at least a few oil refineries, and a girl who yells at ducks in SUVs. (Mar. '03)

Carlsbad - Another whistle stop town, but we did hop out and look at trains.  Again.  (Mar. '02)

Farmington - A lovely town, has a Pizza Hut, Wendy's, at at least two adult bookstores. We visited them both. (Mar. '03)

Flora Vista - Unless you know to look for the town's small sign, you'd miss it completely. (Mar. '03)

Gallup - This town of 20,000 or so folks, nice town, and conveniently located on both directions of the trip.  (Didn't hurt, either, that we'd found a very affordable motel in the process, and the place we stayed knew how to put messages on their sign.)  (Mar. '02)

Roswell - It's not the TV show, but it's a town with its own correctional facility and a used fire truck lot.  (Mar. '02)

San Jon - It's not the thriving town before Route 66 detoured a quarter mile from downtown, but still a nifty lil' town.  (Apr.. '14)

Shiprock - Other than hosting a 7-2-11 store and a giant rock in the distance, not too much here. (Mar. '02, Mar. '03)

Waterflow - Despite the cute name, I found little more than a post office <sigh>. (Mar. '03)

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