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"Way, way too much scenery, not enough substance." -Frank

Beclabito - It's a wide spot in the road, but they do have a basketball hoop perhaps 100 yards off of the highway. (Mar. '03)

Dinnehotso - Dusty, wide dirt road, but a nice big antenna. (Mar. '03)

Four Corners - The only place in the United States common to four states... and it's within the Navajo Nation. But hey there, fry bread, Arlene! (Mar. '03)

Kayenta - One of the larger communities we encountered, and it could claim its fame as having the only kidney dialysis clinic we saw during our trip. (Mar. '03)

Mexican Water - Just one of the many wide spots in the road we encountered while puttering through Navajo Nation. (Mar. '03)

Montezuma Creek - A small town within the Navajo Nation, and as near as I can tell, we missed all but the outskirts. (Mar. '03)

Monument Valley - It's big, wide-open, officially alcohol-free, and a perfect setting for a Western moie. (Mar. '03)

Monument Valley 2005 - Yup, I ended up back in the 'Valley. (Sep. '05)

Shiprock - Other than hosting a 7-2-11 store and a giant rock in the distance, not too much here. (Mar. '02, Mar. '03)

Teec Nos Pos - It's a good place to turn north to visit Four Corners, but little else that I could see. (Mar. '03)

Tuba City - Mostly a town between Kayenta and the Grand Canyon for me, but a good soda stop. (Jul. '06)

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