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 "The Silver State"
Motto: All for our country

"Nicest strip clubs I've ever had the pleasure to visit." -Frank

Battle Mountain - Not the biggest place in the world, not the most temperate, but it was a place to visit for a few minutes.  (May '02)

Beatty - A blustering place of activity, relative to his neighbor, Rhyolite. (May '03)

Black Rock Desert - In April, it's mostly a desert. Come August, it's home to Burning Man. (Apr. '05)

Boulder City - The permanent community that began with the birth of the Hoover Dam project, and a pleasant, far less hostile environment than the initial Ragtown.  (Mar. '02)

Carson City - The capital of Nevada and a city of vastly similar government building architecture. (Nov. '03)

Dayton - Nevada's first permanent settlement is in Dayton, along with a very old, yet active, cemetery. (May '07)

Elko - A town with hard-to-find fast food restaurants.  Which is why we were there so briefly.  (May '02)

Empire - A tiny town surrounding the USG (United States Gypsum) plant. (Apr. '05)

Fallon - Tucked smack dab in the middle of Highway 50, and nowhere, in Nevada. (May '07)

Fernley - The "big city" neighbor of Wadsworth -- complete with a family fun center! (May '07)

Gerlach - The last little town before you reach the Burning Man event site. (Apr. '05)

Hoover Dam - The biggest hunk of concrete in Nevada and a legitimate reason for me to get away with uttering "dam it" without getting yelled at.  (Click here if you like the history of such things.)  (Sep. '01, Mar. '02)

Jackpot - Just drivin' thru.  (May '02)

Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip - The original city of vice... gambling, blatant marketing of recreational sex, flamboyant displays of excess, and recycling programs.  (Sep. '01, Mar. '02)

Middle of Nowhere - This is exactly what it sounds like.  30 miles west of Cedarville, CA, on route 8A within Nevada.  (Jul. '01)

Nixon - Perched on the edge of Pyramid Lake on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation. (Apr. '05)

Reno and Reno in the Winter - A smattering of photos when I wasn't otherwise busy gambling. (Jan. '04, Jan. '05)

Reno during Hot August Nights (2001) - Reno is the place to be when a bunch of old cars make their way to town.  Where there's hot cars, there's hot chicks... or so I thought.  (Aug. '01)

Rhyolite - Population 0, and has been since the mid-1910s. Yessir, a real-life ghost town. (May '03)

Silver Springs - Not much permanence in home foundations, but the cops are here to stay. (May '07)

Stagecoach - Little here to speak of other than some great street names. (May '07)

Wadsworth - A sleepy town that gets woken up yearly as 40,000 Burning Man travelers pass through. (May '07)

Winnemucca - Not the heartland, but it's near the heart of Nevada.  At least relative to places that have a town (or even running water) nearby.  (May '02)

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