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Buffalo is a big ol' town along the western side of New York, really, the largest, western-most town (Niagara Falls is a good size, too, but not as much.) Since I tend not to do any research on the places I visit as a rule, I can't tell you much more than that. But your local library is chock full of good info on Buffalo, New York, if you've got a hankering for it.

We didn't come into town on the main route, so we did find a sign, but it was a bit on the small side. Nothing in particular. I just enjoyed all the cop cars all lined up in a row... apparently to be racest --> I wonder if there are signs in other places that accuse the teachers of not teaching them how to spell...
I would have thought a gold dome like this would have been more than just a bank. I was wrong. The Calvary Baptist Church, at least, looks like a church. And a darn nice one at that. If you need $20 "sneaks", head over to Hertel and Elmwood, and tell 'em Frank sent you.

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