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"The Buckeye State"
Motto: "With God, all things are possible"

"Even from I-80, it's not the gateway to New Jersey." -Frank

Akron - We're driving along, making excellent time.  And without anything notable on our list to see, we didn't stop.   (Oct. '02)

Athalia - A teeny tiny town along the Ohio River Scenic Byway that we happed to bump into. (Oct. '04)

Cleveland - The home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Who knew?  Well, we did, once we got there.  (Oct. '02)

Columbus - We were in Columbus, on Columbus - and not a single Native American protest that we could see - golly!  (Oct. '02)

Fayette - Sort of bumped into this place by accident, but still a nice go of it all. (Oct. '02)

Pomeroy - A cute little town along the edge of the Ohio River. (Oct. '04)

Springfield - Sooner or later, the Search for Springfield will yield a parallel to the Simpsons "imaginary" home town.  (Oct. '02)

Toldeo -  Well... same deal as with Akron; sorry.  (Oct. '02)

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