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State Flag

 "The Sooner State"  
Motto:  Labor omnia vincit (Labor conquers all things)

"A lovely place - leaving left me in a trail of tears." -Frank

Sign at State Line

Altus - The target of Tubby's suggested visit, and the home of the Altus Air Force Base. (Nov. '04)

Blair - Despite the city park being little more than a swing set, it's a right-cute town. (Nov. '04)

Granite - Bumping along at 1,800 or so, the town remains solid as a... rock. (Nov. '04)

Lawton - The home to Fort Sill and a darn cute airport. Which I didn't post pictures of. (Nov. '04)

Martha - Three miles west of Highway 283 stands a stop sign. You're found Martha. (Nov. '04)

Moffett - As small towns go, this one is one of the proudest examples of a small town.  (Mar. '02)

Oklahoma City -  The state capital of Oklahoma, and some other stuff. (Mar. '02)

Victory - Once upon a time, there was probably something here. But no much anymore. (Nov. '04)

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